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Stories of the Great African Seaforest

Home is Everywhere, Everywhere is Home

I watched the mountainside writhe in orange. Stark against the deepening sky, the dance of fire looked deadly and unavoidable. Heroic efforts by helicopters and firefighters wrestled the great beast down, only for it to start ravening on the next range a few miles over. This deadly waltz of fire and firefighters continued for ten days in the fag-end of 2023. Thankfully, there was no loss of human life or property.

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‘Nature is my mentor’ – a journey from despair to deep connection

Life wasn’t always easy for Dalfrenzo Laing. His family struggled to make ends meet, he dabbled in drugs, took on menial work, and often felt hopeless. But a chance meeting and a deep love of nature transformed his life, and he now spends his days armed with binoculars and an encyclopaedic knowledge of marine and terrestrial life, living with passion and purpose.

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How Kelp Provides Life

You can see it when you stand on the shore around Cape Town: the Great African Seaforest. What you see is a narrow stretch of floating Bamboo kelp (Ecklonia maxima). It is one of the few kelp species in the world that grows to the surface at low tide. But what you see at the top is just the tip of the iceberg!

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The Sunken Stories and Ancient Wisdom of the Great African Seaforest

When we originally formed SCP it was a way for us to produce the occasional creative project while immersing ourselves in the kelp forests which we named the Great African Seaforest. As a group we realised that by giving our kelp forests a name we were giving it an unique identity and a presence that connected it to the kelp forests of the world, but also distinguished it as a particular ecosystem found on the shores of Southern Africa.

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Original Wild Swimmers: Unearthing the Origins of All Human Creation

Some years ago, I was kayaking and swimming along a rugged part of Cape Town’s coast. The sun blazed overhead, the sea frothed against rocks, and behind a stand of kelp, I discovered a cave. Battling against a strong surge, I timed my entry, and crawled into a dark, cool world ripe with the smell of salt and primordial plant life. I ventured further into the cave, and there it was: a full human skeleton lying sprawled on the rock-littered floor.

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I am a Seaforest Species

I wrote down “#0101 I am a Seaforest Species”. In retrospect, I think what I did was make a list of the first 100 species, and realised that humans were very absent but need to be a part of the project.

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Rituals are part of our blueprint and although most of them may be subconscious, our days are full of small habitual actions that helps us to make sense of the world and move within it.

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Listen To The Ocean

The entire underwater sea-scape is a magical world of sound, and it is this sound on which many species depend for their survival.

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Connecting with Sharks

Growing up swimming with sharks, and learning to love these beautiful, majestic marine creatures. What sharks have taught me about myself.

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