Finding the Wild
in a Tame World

How can we reclaim the soul-deepening wildness that grounds us and energizes us when so much of the modern world seems designed to tame us?

In this thrilling memoir of a life spent exploring the most incredible places on Earth—from the Great African Seaforest to the crocodile lairs of the Okavango Delta—Craig Foster reveals how we can attend to the earthly beauty around us and deepen our love for all living things, whether we make our homes in the country, the city, or anywhere in between.

Foster explores his struggles to remain present to life when a disconnection from nature and the demands of his professional life begin to deaden his senses. And his own reliance on nature’s rejuvenating spiritual power is put to the test when catastrophe strikes close to home.

Foster’s lyrical, riveting Amphibious Soul draws on his decades of daily ocean dives, wisdom from Indigenous teachers, and leading-edge science.

Amphibious Soul includes a 16-page tracking journal featuring full color images from Craig Foster, as well as a link to a short film series by Foster.


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