Underwater wild


There is a wild Seaforest growing beneath the wind and waves at the Southern tip of Africa.

Here millions of creatures live in a borderless realm still ungoverned by man and it is strange and beautiful beyond the telling.

Craig Foster and Ross Frylinck grew up playing in these forests, and this early immersion in the ocean had a subtle and profound impact on the course of their lives. Sea Change: Primal Joy and the Art of Underwater Tracking, edited by Pippa Ehrlich, documents their rediscovery of the forests of their childhood and showcases Craig’s photographic work over the past decade. Sea Change, second edition, published by Quivertree Publications, is now available in South Africa.

Craig has become a leading naturalist in kelp forest ecology and developed the world’s first documented form of underwater tracking. Diving without wetsuits in the icy waters, both Ross and Craig discovered how immersion in the cold generated new reserves of energy for their minds and bodies, and how curious forest creatures became more receptive to them.

Sea Change was published by Harper Collins in the USA as Underwater Wild in the Fall of 2021, and includes a new introduction by Jane Goodall. Further editions have been published in Germany, China, Korea and Australia.

We also released our children’s book, A Journey Under the Sea, an ode to the mysteries of the ocean. Published by Clarion Book. 

Craig Foster’s new book, Amphibious Soul, is a beautifully-written journey of Foster’s own “rewilding” that also introduces eight powerful elements of wildness and how we can cultivate them wherever we are. A transformative story that will change not just the way we interact with the natural world, but the way we fundamentally see ourselves and the world around us. Available in the Spring of 2024.

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