“My dream is to reconnect the children of South Africa with nature.”


We have the chance to change hearts and minds.

Our love for the Great African Seaforest is built on our daily interactions with this extraordinary place. We are committed to sharing that love and experience with as many people as we can reach.

We began to tell our stories about our marine and cultural heritage in the form of exhibitions, books and films. We also shared our species and behavioural discoveries on social media and in the international press. Our goal is to grow a nature-based community of ocean and seaforest ambassadors.

Very few South Africans have access to the resources that could lead to an awareness of our natural heritage. Most will simply never know that the Great African Seaforest even exists.

Our latest project, the feature film My Octopus Teacher, is the foundation of our education outreach campaign. Together with partner organisations, we are undertaking a community film tour of My Octopus Teacher, starting in South Africa.

We aim to reach audiences who otherwise would not have access to this film and to create a learning environment around the importance of the Great African Seaforest, indigenous knowledge, and the interconnectedness of humans and nature. 

Education resources include social media tools and action guides. We also want to build a global community of Seaforest partners (the Seaforest Alliance), visiting conservation organisations around the world (COVID-19 permitting), and building an online container in which we can engage and share tools and stories.