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Written Press

Los Angeles Times
May, 2024

‘My Octopus Teacher’ star takes a cold plunge to reconnect with nature in ‘Amphibious Soul’

New York Times
April, 2024

“An Octopus Took My Camera, and the Images Changed the Way I See the World”.

Sunday Times
March, 2024

“The waters of life”

Mail & Guardian
January, 2024

“Love story of SA’s unique kelp forest”

Stellenbosch University
November, 2023

“Marine researchers at Stellenbosch University have teamed up with Cape Town-based not-for-profit, Sea Change Project, to research the biodiversity of the Great African Seaforest.”

Cape Argus
August, 2023

“Marine protection highlighted on Marine Protected Area Day”

Daily Maverick
June, 2023

“SA scientists concerned as marine taxonomists become an increasingly endangered species”

Daily Maverick
May, 2023

“‘The One Who Sings’ dives deep into the ocean and strikes a chord with nature’s songs”

Daily Maverick
December, 2022

“Telling biodiversity’s story – 1,001 magnificent species of the seaforest”

Daily Maverick
August, 2021

“Red Fish Down: Marine protected areas are critical to the future of South Africa’s iconic reef species”

The Guardian
April, 2021

‘My Octopus Teacher, heartwarming nature film, wins best documentary Oscar”

April, 2021

“How to heal in the Anthropocene”

National Geographic (UK)
April, 2021

“Why Yo-Yo Ma thinks culture and music can help protect the planet”

April, 2021

“Going Deep: How ‘My Octopus Teacher’ Became Both A High-Stakes Thriller And A Profound Commentary On Connection”

April, 2021

“My Octopus Teacher’ review: Prepare to be wowed by a world you never knew existed”

Independent (UK)
March, 2021

“Richard Branson reveals he stopped eating octopus after watching Oscar-nominated wildlife documentary”

December, 2020

“’My Octopus Teacher’ Review: An Eight Legged Freak Becomes a Friend in Netflix’s Gorgeous Hit Nature Doc”

November, 2020

“’My Octopus Teacher’ Became a Viral Sensation on Netflix. Its Human Star Craig Foster Wants the Film to Inspire Change.”

Hollywood Insider
November, 2020

“’My Octopus Teacher’: The Emotional Nature Documentary We Need – A Meditative Experience”

The Guardian UK
September, 2020

“An octopus ‘love story’ on Netflix has caused thoughts to run wild. Why?”

The Times UK
September, 2020

“My Octopus Teacher: South African film-maker Craig Foster finds a friend in icy Atlantic”

The Cut (New York Magazine)
September, 2020

“The Love Story We All Need Right Now”

July, 2019

“False Bay whale entanglements – important questions need answering”

November, 2018

“How I became friends with an octopus”

Daily Maverick
October, 2018

“Sea Change: Primal Joy and the Art of Underwater Tracking”

National Geographic
August, 2017

“Three New Shrimp Species Discovered in Cape Town”

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Radio & TV

February, 2024

Exhibition / Origins of Early Southern Sapiens Behaviour: Dalfrenzo Laing

Cape Talk
April, 2021

“My Octopus Teacher Wins BAFTA”

April, 2021

‘All of it’ with Alison Stewart, in conversation with ‘My Octopus Teacher’ director Pippa Ehrlich

E.TV News
April, 2021

‘My Octopus Teacher’ wins BAFTA

March, 2021

“In conversation with Richard Branson & Craig Foster”

March, 2021

Exclusive: Makers of My Octopus Teacher Speak to NDTV

The John Maytham Show
February, 2021

“SA documentary My Octopus Teacher makes Oscars shortlist”

NPR Fresh Air
October, 2020

Fresh Air hosted Sam Briger in conversation with Craig Foster on ’an Unlikely Underwater Friend in ‘My Octopus Teacher’

September, 2020

“My Octopus Teacher – A captivating SA documentary”

CNN African Voices
May, 2019

CNN Inside Africa – Sea Change

BBC Blue Planet II
November, 2017

Green Seas, Episode 5

In The Media


Chris Evans Breakfast Show
June, 2024

My Octopus Teacher’s Craig Foster on why we need to connect with our inner ‘wild person’

Commonwealth Club
May, 2024

Craig Foster in conversation with Jon Young

A1 From NPR
May, 2024

Craig Foster helps us appreciate and exist in the ‘wild world’

Tim Ferriss Show
May, 2024

Craig Foster of My Octopus Teacher – How to Find the Wild in a Tame World

World of Sharks
June, 2023

“Documenting the Great African Seaforest with Craig Foster”

World of Sharks
June, 2023

“Exploring human connection with the ocean with Pippa Ehrlich”

Intersections Podcast
October, 2022

“Craig Foster on the Extraordinary Lessons We Can Learn from an Octopus”

The Dangerous Art of the Documentary
October, 2022

“Pippa Ehrlich (My Octopus Teacher)”

Living On Earth
August, 2022

“Underwater Wild: My Octopus Teacher’s Extraordinary World”

Impact in the 21st Century
June, 2022

“Craig Foster – My Octopus Teacher | Finding Wildness | Protecting the Great African Seaforest”

December, 2021

“An Inspiring Conversation about our Sacred Connection to Nature”

Bend in the Road
July, 2021

“Pippa Ehrlich: Free Dive”

The Jane Goodall Hopecast
April, 2021

“Craig Foster: Hope Is All We Can Learn From Animal Teachers”

Mission Blue (with Elevation Barn)
February, 2021

“Dr. Sylvia Earle Talks with Pippa Ehrlich, My Octopus Teacher Co-Director”

Mission Blue (with Elevation Barn)
February, 2021

“A Discussion with Dr. Sylvia Earle and Craig Foster from My Octopus Teacher”

STEPS Centre
November, 2020

“Enchanting Nature: Tentacular Storytelling in the Great African Kelp Forest”

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