“I am, because you are, because the environment is.”


For humans to be healthy, the air, oceans, forests, and all the varied and wonderful beings that we share this planet with need to be healthy.

This health must include the reconciliation between humanity and nature. The Great African Seaforest is one of the most visually captivating landscapes on our planet. Its three-dimensional, fully immersive nature is a playground for creativity, imagination and connection. As filmmakers, photographers, concept designers and storytellers, we believe being able to convey the feeling of immersion can offer a powerful transcendental and educational experience. This has moved us to explore multimedia exhibitions as a bridge to reach audiences on an immersive and experiential level using traditional and new-media, from photographs and film, to AR, VR and digital projections.

Sea Change Project, as an organisation, catalysed around an outdoor photographic exhibition on the Sea Point promenade in Cape Town. Set against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean, the exhibition highlighted the Great African Seaforest, revealing it to South Africans for the very first time. Approximately 1 million people saw this exhibition.

We are currently developing a new photographic and digital exhibition for outdoor display in Cape Town in 2022. The theme of the exhibition is titled Seas of Good Hope. It aims to explore the biodiversity of the Great African Seaforest, its challenges and wonders, and the shared link between culture and nature. We hope to imbue this story with the message of ubuntu — the idea that I am, because you are, because the environment is.

We hope our immersive stories, knowledge and love of this environment can play a part in rewarming the human heart to the natural world and motivate action that allows the living planet to thrive and regenerate itself. As we continue to explore the exhibition and multimedia space, we are also looking to partner strategically with communities, museums, science centres, universities and galleries worldwide.