If there is one universal trait shared by humans, it is that we are hard-wired to share stories. At Sea Change Project we recognise this inherent power of storytelling.


We want to connect people’s hearts to the beauty and wonder of the natural world, and what it can become through regeneration and rewilding.

We recognise that most humans make choices based on their emotions. It is only a very small sliver of our minds that reacts to facts and logic as cold statistics.

At Sea Change Project we believe in authentic, experiential storytelling, inspired by nature, informed by science and guided by indigenous wisdom. There is no story we will create that has not been personally felt, seen and experienced, be it an observation of a new animal behaviour in the Seaforest, the discovery of a new species or a personal interaction with an animal. We dive and document every single day: thousands of hours of joy, passion and discovery in the Great African Seaforest.

It is from this that we create our films. While being intensely cognisant of the pressures and challenges the Seaforest ecosystem faces, we want to connect people’s hearts to the beauty and wonder of what it is and what it can become through regeneration, rewilding and restoration. Our films are stories of hope.

We tell stories that are created from deep nature immersion and science to inspire awe and ignite change. The story of our relationship with the planet is unfinished – we hope to contribute to a happy ending.

We’ve made ground-breaking sequences for Blue Planet II, short films which include Africa’s Hidden Seaforest directed and narrated by Swati Thiyagarajan in partnership with WaterBear, and our most recent film Older Than Trees, directed by Pippa Ehrlich for the Save Our Seas Foundation, shortlisted at Jackson Wild.

We are developing a feature documentary on a very special pangolin, directed by Pippa Ehrlich. 

Our documentary feature film My Octopus Teacher, in partnership with Netflix Originals, has reached millions of hearts.

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