Whales, Life and Death

Swimming with southern right whales and an exploration into the fine line between life, death and history.

Re-searching the Hermit Tanaid

Marine biology and crustacean study with the rediscovery, 60 years after it was first described, of a new crab-like creature – the hermit-tanaid.

Connecting with Sharks

Growing up swimming with sharks, and learning to love these beautiful, majestic marine creatures. What sharks have taught me about myself.

Stepping into Nature’s Matrix

We are nature. Biodiversity can be seen as the immune system of the planet, making its loss our greatest crisis that exacerbates climate change.

My Octopus Teacher and Me

Craig Foster’s wife speaks about the octopus teacher, learning to swim, and eventually free diving herself.

A Ghost of a Shark

Rare encounters with a school of elusive smooth-hound sharks, and the over-fishing crisis shark populations are facing.

Whale Medicine

Breaking down the boundaries between nature and science to allow for deeper nature immersion and better marine biology research.