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Storytelling for Nature Protection

We are a community of scientists, storytellers, journalists and filmmakers who are dedicated to the wild, and specifically the Great African Seaforest.

We advocate for the healing of our planet by connecting people to nature through our science-based immersive storytelling.


“I need no convincing that an ecosystem such as this is of inestimable value & must be protected.”

Our Projects

Inspired by Nature

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Guided by Indigenous Wisdom

All our work is based on our connection to the Great African Seaforest. This underwater forest is a deep source of inspiration for our minds, souls and hearts. By sharing these experiences with the world, we hope to inspire a global movement of nature connection and more stories about the intrinsic relationship between humans and the living planet. 


World-class films are an integral part of our content. We tell immersive, personal stories about people and nature, to a global audience. Our films include the Netflix Original My Octopus Teacher; Older than Treesa film about the future of sharks and rays, and we are developing a feature documentary on a very special pangolin.


Our Sea Change book has been republished as Underwater Wild, and we released a children’s book, A Journey Under the Sea. Craig Foster’s new book Amphibious Soul about “Finding the wild in a tame world,” based on his own ‘rewilding,’ is on sale May 14 and available for order.


Sea Change Project co-curates multimedia exhibitions that convey the story of our interconnectedness with the natural world. Showcasing the latest research on the origins of Homo sapiens while raising awareness for the Great African Seaforest and kelp forests worldwide. Visit the Origins exhibit in Cape Town and De Hoop Nature Reserve.


Having a connection to nature is everyone’s birthright. It is often said we must leave a better planet to our future children but we need to also leave better children to become custodians of this living world and for that we need nature education. We are committed to sharing our love and knowledge of the Great African Seaforest, and nature as a whole, with as many people as we can reach to inspire a sea-change.


All of our work is informed by science. We document marine biology, conduct our own biodiversity research, and collaborate with academic institutions to discover the secrets of the Great African Seaforest. Our most ambitious project 1001 Seaforest Species, undertakes to catalogue 1001 species in the Great Africa Seaforest, each with their own unique story.


Our forthcoming podcast series Back to the Water, hosted by Zolani Mahola and Pippa Ehrlich, will ask what it means to be disconnected from nature and one’s culture – and what happens when you reconnect.  The first episode of Back to the Water, “More Than One Octopus” will premiere at 2024 Tribeca Festival and will be available on all podcast platforms on 1 June 2024.


Sea Change Project celebrates the coming together of nature & culture

Zolani Mahola


Vocalist, Actress & Nature Activist

Yo-Yo Ma




Protect the Great African Seaforest

Kelp forests are highly productive near-shore marine ecosystems. They are biodiversity hotspots, sequester carbon, release oxygen and slow coastal erosion. They are found on 28% of our world’s coastlines and are one of the most vulnerable marine ecosystems to the climate emergency.

Our first goal was to make the Great African Seaforest a global icon and bring attention to the world’s kelp forests. With your help and support following the success of My Octopus Teacher, we achieved this.

In this time of environmental upheaval and biodiversity loss, we need to keep ensuring the long-term protection of the Great African Seaforest. You can help by continuing to support our work in reminding people of their intrinsic connection with nature.

of the 13,000 known marine species in South Africa are considered endemic
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Of South Africa’s oceans are protected
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Of kelp forests have shown a decline over the last decades.
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The scientific recommendation for protected oceans is 30% by 2030
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We believe that the best thing we can do to protect the Great African Seaforest, and kelp forests globally, is to share their stories.

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Protect & Take Action

Lack of knowledge and awareness, and our human impact on this planet, are at the root of all threats to the Great African Seaforest and our global kelp forests. We are in the ocean every day, learning the secrets of the seaforest and finding stories that inspire people to reconnect with nature.

We hope our stories, knowledge and love of this environment can remind us that we are part of the natural world and motivate action that allows the living planet to thrive and regenerate itself.

To help us ensure the long-term protection of the Great African Seaforest and to raise awareness for kelp forests globally, please watch, donate and share.

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