The Exhibition

Our goal is to translate the Sea-Change Project’s, film, book, photographs and research into a physical exhibit that can be shared with a wide variety of visitors across the world.
Our initial thoughts are to house the exhibition, called Water Memory, in a custom made structure informed by the shape of a giant Turbo Samarticus shell, a species of sea-snail.

We want people from all walks of life to be able to virtually explore the Golden Forest – an undersea realm on the Cape Peninsula of South Africa – and be inspired to reconnect with themselves though deep immersion with nature.

At the same time Water Memory will also be more tangibly educational with an exploration of the theories on the exact origin of the human species as well as an introduction to the scientific research conducted by our partners in marine biology, conservation, anthropology and archaeology.

We are collaborating with two award-winning multimedia design teams; Trace in South Africa and batwin + robin productions, in New York.

Water Memory is designed to easily assemble and dissemble, making it suitable for travel locally and abroad, for both outdoors and indoor venues.

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