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Craig Foster

Director, Trustee

Craig is one of the world’s leading natural history filmmakers, and their films have been seen by millions of people.

For the past 6 years he has dedicated himself to learning the secrets of the Golden Forest – the inshore kelp habitat at the South West tip of Africa, his underwater home. He is currently working on the Sea-Change film (filming and editing) and co-writing the book, at the same time honouring his pact to dive 365 times a year. Through this regular intensive immersion, he has uncovered a plethora of new animal behaviours and 8 new species of shrimp, one of which has been named after him: Heteromysis Fosteri.

Carina Rubin-Frankal

Producer, Trustee

As Executive Producer, Carina works with the Sea-Change Trust to implement the goals and objectives of the organisation.

A fairly new member of the sea-change amphibious tribe, she is hooked on the transformative power of water. She is currently working on the Sea-Change travelling exhibition with augmented reality. A South African and Finnish citizen born in Kingston, Jamaica, brought up in South Africa and educated and worked in the USA, Carina thrives on diversity.

Ross Frylinck

Director, Writer, Trustee

Ross is a founding director of the Sea-Change Trust. He is a media and events entrepreneur, curator and journalist.

Together with Craig, he is writing a book on their transformative experiences in the underwater realm on the Cape Peninsula, titled Journey to the Golden Forest due for publication in 2018. He is a co-founder of the Wavescape Festival which has been running for 14 years as the leading ocean culture and conservation event in South Africa.

Pippa Ehrlich

Pippa spent much of her childhood in Johannesburg, dreaming of nature. Some of her earliest memories are of wading into the sea at Boulders Beach in Simonstown where she learned to swim.


Lisa Beasley

Lisa started diving at 11 years old. She fell in love with the underwater universe instantly and became obsessed with the very tiny and colourful creatures – especially nudibranchs.


Dr. Matthew Zylstra

Matthew is an ecologist, educator and enabler working collaboratively with Sea-Change and other organisations through the EarthCollective network.

As an adult, Pippa set out to explore nature and our relationship with it as humans. Her role as conservation journalist for Save Our Seas Foundation brought her back to the shores of False Bay where she met Ross Frylink and Craig Foster and experienced her first taste of Sea-Change magic. He growing love for the Golden Forest draws her into these cool waters on an almost daily basis where she goes in search of stories that deepen her connection to this incredible wilderness and its weird and wonderful inhabitants.
Returning home in-between contracts flying helicopters and adventures to dive elsewhere, she was always put off from diving in Cape Town by the cold water and thick restrictive wetsuits, until she met the amphibious tribe of Sea- Change. At first she thought it was madness to attempt to dive in these freezing cold waters at all – let alone without a suit, but blown away by the tribes’ incredible passion, dedication and encouragement, and when she realised how many magical, tiny creatures took shelter in the golden forests, she fell in love all over again. Lisa now takes refuge in the ocean and kelp forest everyday, opening to the love, support and teachings it has to offer. “The underwater forest has become a place where I can meet nature as my home. The more I surrender to it and manage to drop my problem solving mind, the more it seems to show me and let me in.”
He is a university field lecturer for Wildlands Studies and facilitates and advises on social-ecological change processes across diverse scales: from individuals to organisations and communities. Matthew completed his PhD through Stellenbosch University’s transdiscplinary doctoral program in sustainability and explored how meaningful nature experience deepens our connectedness and inspires learning and leadership for self and society.