Carina Rubin-Frankal (Executive producer): A South African and Finnish citizen born in Kingston, Jamaica, brought up in South Africa and educated and worked in the USA, Carina thrives on diversity. Over the last twenty years Carina has produced numerous documentaries, commercials, music videos, short films and multimedia installations. Carina produced the award winning feature documentary Cosmic Africa for the Foster Brothers. An Emerson College graduate, Carina began her film career in post production in New York City. She worked on music videos for U2, PM Dawn, INXS, Pearl Jam, Crystal Waters and others. Carina was responsible for the launch of the Classic Sports Network and was the supervising producer for the launch of the Cartoon Network’s morning segment. She worked with director Michael Moore on the sequel to his film Roger & Me, on the IMAX film Cosmic Voyage directed by Bayley Silleck for the Smithsonian Institute, as well as produced a number of multi-media installations for Woo Art International. Carina lives in Cape Town, South Africa with her husband Steven and their two children.


Craig and Damon Foster (writing, directing and editing): Craig has worked for the last 25 years as a professional documentary filmmaker with his brother Damon. Together they have worked in over 20 African countries and on every continent on earth. They have over 50 international awards for their work including the golden panda, the “Oscar” of natural history filmmaking. For years Craig worked and lived with Bushmen hunters and shamans, Zulu traditional healers, Dogon priests and hunter/sorcerers. He lived the original human lifestyle and was initiated in many African ceremonies. This process broke down some of his traditional western education, creating a huge passion to explore the minds and souls of animals, and how they interact with humans – the human/animal interface. The last decade became dedicated to exploring how sharks respond to human touch, how they enjoy altered states of consciousness. The Fosters pushed the boundaries of human endeavor being the first team to dive with huge Nile crocodiles in their underwater cave systems. They documented the extraordinary crocodile shaman of Limon and the worlds foremost animal communicator, a South African woman. The stories are hard to believe but the footage recorded leaves people stunned and forced to rethink our entire view of the natural world, and how humans fit into it.


Ross Frylinck (writing, curating and directing): Ross is a media and events entrepreneur, curator and journalist. He started and still directs the Wavescape Festival ( which has been running for 11 years. Wavescapes is the leading ocean culture and conservation event in South Africa. Ross is also a co-owner of the surfing media business, which is the most popular online resource for ocean users in SA. He is also the co-founder of the documentary film network “While You Where Sleeping” and the digital publishing company comPress (, which pioneered e-book and on-demand publishing in South Africa. Ross also worked for Cambridge University Press as a commissioning editor, with responsibility for the Caribbean and East African publishing lists. He is a published journalist and author of children’s books.